Measure Your Vehicle Door before Ordering.
There is NOT any Standard Size.  So you will need to
decide what Size Sign that will be right for the Vehicle
you are putting the Signs on.
The Magnetic Signs Must Lay Flat on the Vehicle
and NOT go over any Molding.

8" X 22" Signs would
fall in the
Up To 12" x 24" Category
for $75.00 per pr.
It is recommended that vehicle be cleaned and free of
moisture before placing the magnet on your vehicle.
It is also recommended that you wax and allow the wax
to cure before placing the magnet on your vehicle.

Your Magnetic Signs should be remove from your
vehicle on a regular bases (once a week).
You should clean your vehicle.  Wash your magnetic
signs with warm water, make sure the signs are
warm and flexible when placing the signs on the vehicle
so they fit to the contour of your vehicle.
Magnetic Signs